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Tropical Fruits


虽然食物是生活的乐趣,但在结肠镜检查之前严格遵守饮食指南可以进行最佳评估和护理。  临床建议使用说明,但这里有补充细节供您参考。  您的医生可能有与这些不同的具体指示,您应该遵循他们的具体建议。

点击这里获取本指南的可下载 PDF。

Time Before Colonoscopy
General Instructions
2-3 days before
Low fibre diet – see below
1 day before up to lunch (12 noon)
white rice, fish, plain biscuit, noodle (without vegetables), beancurd or egg
After 12 noon the day before till colonoscopy (or fasting time for gastroscopy)
Clear fluid diet – see below



Soup & Ladle
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