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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Addressing the dietary aspects of IBS is important as many IBS patients experience symptoms in relation to meals and substantial number of patients report improvement on dietary management.  However, it is not possible to recommend a standard diet for all IBS patients. As many as 60 or more different types of foods have been implicated, and a large proportion of patients are intolerant of as many as 6 different types of foods. 

Great care should be taken to ensure that dietary modification does not lead to an inadequate diet. There is also a risk for an eating disorder in some patients. Therefore, we believe that in the first step it is important to obtain a detailed dietary history. In conjunction with food and nutrition experts we have developed a supervised exclusion diet approach to help the individual patient to identify their own personal food triggers and their level of tolerance to different food types. The ultimate aim is to help our patients control their symptoms, while still being able to enjoy as many different types of foods as possible.

Our Dietary Programmes Team comprises doctor, dieticians and trained nurses.

The programme consists of:
a. Step-by-Step Guide on Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Your Diet
b. Knowing the Common Trigger Foods
c. Relieving Your IBS Symptoms with Help From a 3-day Menu Plan
d. Food and Symptom Diary

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